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Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
6:12 pm
Because I'm a freak when it comes to organising useless things and I index EVERYTHING, I've decided to do the same to this (at present) small, stupid journal.

Windchimes, Furuba, G, Hatori/Kana, one-shot
Ayame no Ai, Furuba, PG, Ayame/Hatori, one-shot
Sacred, Gravitation, PG13, Yuki/Shuichi, one-shot
Untitled, HP, NC-17, various, prologue

Saiyuki Reload desktop, scan from MangaCity.net

Semester test, English class, persuasive essay arguing for a grade
Intro to essay 4, English class, misc. material

Agony, free verse
Untitled, free verse, 10 lines
Untitled, free verse, 29 lines, 3 stanzas
Untitled, free verse, 14 lines
Untitled, free verse, 13 lines, 3 stanzas
Untitled, free verse, 39 lines, 12 stanzas

Pikapika no Novel, 10 stanzas
Aijou, 9 stanzas
Love (Aijou translation), 9 stanzas

Two writings
Destroying FFU

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Sunday, February 13th, 2005
4:36 pm
Destroying FFU.
Just because I hate it so much, what I gleaned from the first FFU DVD:

Hey, we're twins! A boy (Hayakawa Yu) and a girl (Ai)! We're going to WONDERLAND! Our Mom and Dad are missing! Oh, wait. Let's put the search for our missing parents on hold. It's much more fun to stare at Lisa's boobs. Wait again... hold up a moment... there's a guy there. We've never seen him before. We haven't heard of him, either. His name is Kaze. (What? What are you talking about? How do we know that? Oh... right. It's written right there, on Lisa's boob.) Let's go somewhere else. Hey, look at that! There's a guy there! He looks familiar! ...It's Kaze! Kaze Kaze Kaze! Let's go somewhere else. Hey, look at that! There's a guy there! He looks familiar! ...etc. (Maybe he's stalking us.) (What are you talking about?) (Oops. Did I say that out loud? Anyway, aren't we technically stalking Lisa, too?) (No! It's different! She LIKES the attention we're giving to her boobs!) (...)

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Saturday, February 12th, 2005
4:35 pm
I got the scanslation from mangacity.net. (Scanned by Ivy, translated by Ukii, and edited by Itaintrite.) The colour captions things are mine.

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4:18 pm
Title: Sacred
Author: yuuutsu_suika
Fandom: Gravitation
Archive: 27th_precinct, yuuutsu_shodou
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Yuki/Shuichi
Summary: It’s the last night of their week together, and Yuki is brooding.

It’s not comfort that binds this embrace…Collapse )

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4:16 pm

Still awake

It’s not as late as it was last night
but it’s late enough

wearily think

read or write or draw
it’s all the same too difficult
Somehow you survive
You need the confidence
brought by success

cut loose

run down a street an alley
turn onto a dusty path within the
confines of the
race to remember
what have you lost?

properly concentrate
barely move
dizzily remember

there was a time when you could
roll in the mud.
like a cheetah dancing in the rain
you could write
music that ran a flow of random notes
seem to make sense
just like thought

Even at the end of the day
you think you can’t lose
everything you’ve worked for
and received except that you never really did get it –
you were cheated.
Because it didn’t work.

realise alive

some energy breaks free
circles over your head
a laurel wreath of glory
signifying restoration
bringing hope to the throng outside
and now

lightly asleep

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4:14 pm

I hide in the night
from myself, from you, from the night
In the hope that I will fade
I cast myself against the black wall
and the curtains close around me.

You search in the day
from want or from need (you’re not sure which)
With the intention of finding me or yourself
You open the velvet basket
but the light absorbs you and you’re gone.

I think light is ugly
You find night abhorrent
We fade into what we look to see

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4:08 pm

from hour to second to minute
darkness piercing, light impenetrable, colour wilting,
a day is a light with night,
all old leather and worn boots.
Nothing knew about time.
never ceases to excite
It’s all black out there,
the dark of nothing
absence of thought
Time doesn’t mean a thing.
compared with nothing, the world is vibrant colour,
darks, lights, days, nights,
But no thing exists in nothing, and the world
is within nothing.

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4:07 pm
The light bulb
no longer shines.
You bend over
your notebook by
the moonlight that
spills in through the
open window.

Head pounding,
throat burning,
still you write.
Words scrawled
onto the page
into the long black
hours of the morning.
Sick at heart and in mind,
physically ill,
still you write. Because
you must.

Eyes drooping, you continue to
scribble. Words tumble
over each other as
your mad frenzy goes
on. Too tired
to think. All your focus
on one thing
that no one will ever read.
Visions swim
before you before all
fades to cold white.

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4:04 pm

Your eyes were
leaded with iron
and gold gilt.
The sand blew
and slapped your face
and the waves drove the fish
out to sea. The water
was cold and black
and the sand flamed an
danced like a star.

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4:01 pm
Title: Ayame’s Love
Author: yuuutsu_suika
Fandom: Furuba
Archive: yuuutsu_shodou
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ayame/Hatori
Summary: Ayame hates Kana. And Tohru. And most of all, himself.

I wanted to steal his pain…Collapse )

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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
12:23 am
Semester test

I can think of no better way to address the question of what grade I deserve than to review the writing I have done in this class. In general, I tend to be dissatisfied with my performance in any given field, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that much of my writing this term is encouragingly good. As with anything else, I have a great deal of room for improvement. However, I also have many points of strength, and I believe that I deserve a 94% to 96% on my semester test grade.

Every piece of writing needs a strong lead if it is to lure the audience in. It is far easier to retain the audience’s attention than it is to regain that attention once it has wandered. Because of this, I invest much of my time and effort on my first paragraph, and on the first few sentences in particular.

Two pieces in particular stand out as examples for their strong leads. The first is from my essay on K-12 foreign language instruction:

####Watakushi wa anata wo aisatsu shimasu – or, in a more familiar language, bonjour. Sadly, few Americans would recognise the first phrase if greeted with it, and few would be able to identify the language as Japanese. The unfortunate fact is that we, as Americans, have little interest in learning foreign languages as compared to other countries, and the languages we do teach usually are not the critical languages of the present or future, but the same languages we have always studied – namely Spanish, French, German, and Italian.####

By juxtaposing what I knew would be unfamiliar with another foreign (but recognisable) expression, I was able to demonstrate my point before even declaring it. I also used juxtaposition in another strong lead, found in my review on The Shipping News:

####In E. Annie Proulx’s The Shipping News, it’s all about the details. The plot isn’t gripping, teeming with adventure, or fascinating in its complexity; it’s really a gentle and heart-warming story about one of life’s losers and how he is forced to change his life for the better. The hook comes from the details… The characters are real, believable, and alive; they have personalities and prejudices. The book feels real, too, and the theme is convincing. These elements are among those that make it a good choice for adoption into the sophomore curriculum.####

Both paragraphs show a pleasing variety of sentence structures and employ an active voice. In particular, the second paragraph is vivid and energetic and uses lively words: gripping, teeming, fascinating.

I have markedly improved in my use of facts and quotes in context, as demonstrated several times in the essay on foreign language instruction. For example, I used April Austin’s quote stating that ‘without an emerging generation of [speakers of a critical language], the U.S. faces growing holes in intelligence gathering, trade relations, and cultural understanding.’ I then went on to add that ‘the language she refers to specifically is Chinese, but the same is true of Korean and Arabic as well – and is even true of Russian and Japanese.’ I continued to use sobering quotes throughout the paper to impress upon my audience the importance of the issue, one example being a quote (and fact) from the former head of the Iraq Survey Group stating that ‘he could count “on the fingers of one hand” the numbers of men on his 1400-member team who could speak Arabic.’

During the course of the semester, I also improved in my use of definitions. However, I have had little chance to use definitions in my writing other than in one paper on the inclusion of trans fats on nutrition labels:

####Trans fats are trans fatty acids, the product of partially hydrogenating, or adding hydrogen molecules to unsaturated fats. The process causes the unsaturated fats, which are liquid at room temperature (oils) to take on the consistency of butter. Whereas fully hydrogenated fats (saturated fats) are completely solid at room temperature, trans fats are not.####

In this example, I employed a technique discussed this term – the definition by class. I placed the term in the trans fatty acids class and then proceeded to describe the characteristics of the term that distinguished it from the rest of the class.

A crucial element of any written work is unity. I feel that my writing is generally unified and always applies to the thesis; I never include superfluous ideas or other extraneous material. Never in a paper on the varying rates of velocity of laden swallows would I include a paragraph on the values of exporting coconuts , and never in a paper on the phrase ‘under God’ in the pledge of allegiance would I dedicate a portion to discussing the lack of freedom of religion in a country such as China.

I have become more proficient at comparing and contrasting. For instance, in and extended comparison between the Japanese language and Esperanto, I emphasised how the similarities eclipse the differences:

####There is no apparent similarity between Japanese and Esperanto. The two languages have entirely different grammatical structures, different roots, and one of them isn’t even a ‘real’ language – it’s a conlang, or a ‘constructed language’. They even use different alphabets!

Yet despite these differences, the two languages are very similar. First of all, they are both, in fact, languages. Japanese is the official language of Japan and it read, written, and spoken all over the world. Esperanto may not be the official language in any country in the world, but it is written and read in many places (usually online) and is occasionally even spoken. Japanese verbs always come at the end of the sentence. As there are no rules concerning word order in Esperanto, the verb often appears at the end of the sentence. Conjugation of verbs in both languages is very easy; there are no irregular verbs in Esperanto and there are only two in Japanese. Also, nouns and pronouns alike are ‘declined’ – that is, there are rules to distinguish words in the nominative case from words in the objective or genitive cases. (In Japanese, this is determined by the particle that follows the noun or pronoun. In Esperanto, the ending appended to the root word makes this distinction.)

While pleasant to dwell on my strengths, I must also take my weakness into account. While I understand all writing techniques and editing skills, I am not so accomplished at applying some of them. These weaknesses include paragraphing and the application of snapshots, anecdotes, and points of agreement. It is not that I cannot use the latter three techniques, but that I have not had much practice with them because they are inappropriate to the topics I have chosen. And while my paragraphs do not always break in the appropriate places, most of the time it is not because I cannot determine the place for such a break but because I have simply been negligent in my revisions.

Indeed, perhaps my biggest limitation is that I often do not take the time necessary to carefully proofread and draft my work. There is no excuse for an error such as this one from my fourth paper: ‘That cannot be said of the fifth most common foreign languages, Chinese…’ More time spent in revision would also rectify my errors in paragraphing. In general, my biggest problem seems to be that I do not allow myself the time I need to properly complete the assignment at hand.

I feel that my strengths sufficiently outweigh my weaknesses and that my writing is good enough that I should receive an A on my semester test – especially since I have taken the time to proofread and draft this essay. I do not feel that I deserve an A+, as such a mark indicates perfection, but I believe my current ability is at an appropriate level and my demonstration of said ability is satisfactory to receive a score in the range of 94% to 96%.

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Sunday, January 16th, 2005
9:18 pm
It's in Japanese... if you know Japanese and you're reading this, please lemme know if it's moderately intelligible. The translation can be found at lyric_creations.


(sen no kotoba
sen no negai
sen no kamira)

watashi wa nokori takunai
hitori misuterareta
isshou wa kimitachi to ikitai
tsukiai to ikitai

sen to hahenra
sen no negai
sen no kioku

senjou ni naita words made us realise
teki wa hero's shi ga aru
shireba, isshou kyohi dekiru ka?
tsunagu, seishin wa odoru

sen no kotoba
sen no negai
sen no kamira

watashi wa nokori takunai
hitori misuterareta
isshou wa kimitachi to ikitai
tsukiai to ikitai

moroi kizuna wa tatanai
chikara wa kowarenai ga,
jikan wa bokutachi ni hantai
isoganakereba, wakeru

sen no tsubasa
sen no negai
sen no sorara

(sen no tsubasa
sen no negai
sen no sorara)

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8:39 pm
Number one, see the lovely icons! Number two, I'm going to get a real layout sometime soon. Number three, I have couple of random writings.

Random writingsCollapse )

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Friday, December 17th, 2004
1:50 pm
This song is called PIKAPIKA NO NOVEL. It's for my beloved friend Jurimonster who shall be delighted when she finally gets the melody. The Japanese grammar is kinda crappy, but oh well.

Pikapika No NovelCollapse )

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Thursday, December 16th, 2004
11:41 am
Sunday, November 7th, 2004
2:49 pm
Agony -- poem
Poem. Image I woke up with yesterday. I could see the words floating in front of me. It was quite creepy. They were spelled that way then, so I left them that way.

AgonyCollapse )

Not exactly the most pleasant thing I've ever written.

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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
2:34 pm
The beginnings of a Fruits Basket one-shot. Based on the fact that Kana's memories arenn't buried very deeply. I wrote it in math class. (The class is... not boring, but not exactly engaging.) I didn't want to work on homework. :)

Title: Windchimes
Rating: G
Pairing: Hatori/Kana
Summary: The windchimes bring darkness...

WindchimesCollapse )

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